How to: Modify User/Account Level Filtering email security Print

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User Level Filtering

E-mail filtering allows you to discard or send to another email box mail that contains certain strings of text or symbols. To manage this follow these steps:

1. Click 'User Level Filtering' in the 'Mail' section

cPanel Mail Filtering

2. Click 'Manage Filters' on the account you would like to add these filters to

Manage Filters

3. Click 'Create a New Filter'

Create a New Filter

4. Fill in the fields by selecting a unique filter name, select the rules that will need to be met for the email to be filtered and finally select an action for the filter to perform when these given rules are met 

Filtering Fields

5. Click 'Create'

Create Filter

Account Level Filtering

This is the same as User Level Filtering with the exception that the filters created here are applied across the whole cPanel account

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