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You can upgrade/downgrade your current hosting package at any time that your with us. If you feel you need extra storage or bandwidth at any point, there is no need to create a new order. Simply follow these steps to request an upgrade or downgrade.

1. Start by logging into your client account here - 

2. Once logged in, select 'Active Services' to show your current services you have with us.

Active Services

3. You now need to select the dropdown arrow next to view details for the service you would like to change. You will be presented with the option to upgrade/downgrade, click this to continue.

4. You will now be shown the available options in which you can choose to upgrade/downgrade to a different hosting package. Select the one you want by clicking choose product.

4. This will now take you to the cart system where it will display how much you owe for the upgrade. Rather than charging you at full price, we calculate how many remaining days you have left during your months service and deduct this amount from the bill. Follow the cart system to complete the upgrade order and it will be accepted by a member of our team as soon as payment is received.

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